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Triona knows that for parents, the days may be long but the years are short. Our clothes are designed to make the most of those magical years by evoking classic children’s styles from the past while creating special memories for the future.

Childhood is an enchanted land. We live in this magical place for just a few years, wrapped up in our imaginations and dazzled by the many wonders being alive. Anything can happen and everything is possible. The little discoveries of every day hold immense meaning in our little world, and a fairytale waits around every corner.

We all eventually leave the kingdom of childhood, but even after we’re all grown up, we can visit whenever we want, travelling through time in our memories, recapturing the magic of make-believe, and reliving all the best moments with our own children.

Our clothes are designed to feel as beautiful as they look, expertly and sustainably hand sewn from cuddly velvets, crisp cottons, soft, snug woollens and whispering silks, with plenty of room to stretch and play. Because we believe that every minute of childhood is precious, our collections are designed for living in the moment: skipping and twirling, dancing and daydreaming, sharing stories and whispering secrets, hunting for treasure and looking for mischief, and above all, making memories.

Darcybow brings you back to a time when time didn’t matter. A single afternoon is enough to embark on a dozen different adventures, summers stretch on forever, and there are always too many days till Christmas. Every day is special, special occasions are unforgettable, and a lovely new dress that you’ll wear today and remember forever is the most exciting thing in the whole wide world.


Creator & Founder


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