Our Story

How it all began

Triona Spellman founded Darcybow in 2016 while working as cabin crew, with free time on her hands in between trips, she started trailing markets filled with the most sumptuous fabrics, trims and colour. 

With her head filled with hundreds of ideas, she started designing and creating a small collection of dresses. Triona’s love of design and textiles grew and developed. She started forming excellent contacts for sourcing fabrics and forming business relationships with international fashion houses and craftspeople. 

A lot of her skills have been self-taught but with a purpose to break away from chain store offerings by sourcing unique, authentic and quirky pieces bursting with individuality her passion project grew beyond her wildest dreams into a fully-fledged business.

The meeting of the two Darcys

At a Dublin networking event, Triona crossed paths with another business Darcy & Grey. The coincidence of two Darcy's was how the two started chatting.  Edelle shares the same passion for design, creativity and business and over many coffees and a lot of chatting a business relationship was formed.

Edelle Mellett brings vast marketing experience after working in the fast-moving Mobile Telecom Industry as a Brand Manager. She found her passion for styling Brides and moved away from Telecoms into retail and was founder and owner of Bridal Wraptures, St Stephen's Green, Dublin. She has ten years of extensive experience in Bridal Retail.

The perfect duo

Both busy mums got down to business, working and collaborating on new business ideas, collections and rolling out new ways of reaching their customers with a clear focus on offering an enjoyable online shopping experience. 

Our Inspiration comes from childhood Storybooks and being children of the seventies, both our Mums dressed us in smart dresses and coats with knee-high socks and a good pair of Mary-Jane shoes.

Clothes were made to last and memories were attached to the clothing we wore on our special days out. Our aim is to bring back classic, quality clothing for a new generation of little girls. Nostalgia is sewn into every piece we create and produce. 

We believe that every minute of childhood is precious and our collections are designed for living in the moment and making memories. 

We all eventually leave the kingdom of childhood, but even after we’re all grown up, we can visit whenever we want, travelling through time in our memories, recapturing the magic of make-believe, and reliving all the best moments with our own children.  

Our pieces are designed with a focus for little girls to look like little girls.  Childhood holds a very small window while the "days may be long, the years are short".

Darcybow is dedicated to the joyous creativity and enduring enchantment of childhood. We combine the simplicity and quality of classic Irish design with the irrepressible whims of little girls everywhere to create dresses, capes and accessories that will be cherished long after they’ve been outgrown.

We partner with independent, women-owned ateliers to produce all of our dresses and capes fairly and sustainably, using time-honoured heritage sewing and construction techniques so that every finished piece is easy to care for and made to last.

Our Promise to you

Aside from our unique product offerings, we aim to inspire and connect with you through all our social media channels. We pride ourselves on our Customer Service and are always happy to speak with you about your plans and styling requirements for special occasions. 

Ultimately, we hope that all that we do at Darcybow inspires you and that we can keep creating magical pieces for years to come.