Communion Preparation 2021 - Checklist

February 22, 2021

communions in Ireland 2021

In 2020, Covid played havoc with Communion celebrations in Ireland!We had some Mums contact us last minute to order new dresses, capes & shoes due to their Communion date being pushed out to a later date. Our capes where hugely popular with the change in weather and some girls had taken a stretch, so they needed bigger size shoes.We design and make our Once in a Lifetime Communion dresses here in Ireland and had the good fortune to put off the production of our pre-ordered dresses to a later date for our customers. 

We are two working Mums so we understand the juggle of pulling a special day together. We want our Darcybow ladies to enjoy and remember the day, as it is a very special day that will be part of their memory for a long time.

Communion celebrations have turned into big events, we are all about the celebration of family and being together making memories. With that in mind we have taken the time to carefully consider and have made a checklist to help you get organised so that you can enjoy your daughters special day too.

We hope that on the day you can sit back and soak up the fun and celebrations and that your little girl will have wonderful memories for years to come.

Communion Preparation 2021 - Checklist

Communion Date

Normally, once the date is set you need to work at least 3-6 months back from that date.Remember other parents will be hitting the phones/emails to secure venues, caterers and suppliers.Remember to book the most important elements first.  With Covid-19 restrictions, it is difficult to book some elements but a lot can be organised.

Venue - Home, Hotel/Restaurant?


  • You need to decide if you would like buffet style or a sit down meal?
  • Food & supplies – Do you need to hire/borrow? Tables, chairs, cutlery, plates, serving plates, glasses, oven space, food, desserts, drinks, etc?
  • Catering Company – you will need to decide on the menu but Catering Companies will supply pre-made meals, salads, sides, desserts, etc.
  • Communion Cake – contact local bakeries or check online for some homemade ideas.
  • Party favours – little takeaway treats with or keepsake is always a hit.
  • Sweet trolley/cart – these can be created and displayed on a candy style cart table with jars of sweets and chocolates or you could have them pre-made from the local sweet shop.


This might be off the party planning table for this year but should things return to normal it’s always wise to reserve a table or an area in advance with your party numbers.Remember to factor in people coming back to your house afterwards for tea/coffee and some Communion cake or will you keep the party to the venue.


Once you have decided on the venue, you will be able to comfortably make your invitation guest list.

  • How many people to invite?
  • Invites can be as simple as a text/email.There are so many creative sites to design own made invitations.Check out Canva for free downloadable invites that you can create and design yourself and send through your WhatsApp. 


Book in a photographer for an hour or two and seize the opportunity to get a snap of everyone in the family for a family portrait.Maybe you or another member of your family is handy with phone and will capture the essence of the day.A few photographs are nice to have to look back on.

Your guest list and the number of people will help you to decide whether it will be an intimate gathering or a large party.


Theme - Once you have decided upon a theme you can tie everything together from invites, decorations to give the look and feel you want to portray.Colour schemes of all white, plushy pink or fun rainbow spray of colour. Whatever your taste or style keep it consistent.

Homemade or shop bought - Some people love the opportunity to get creative and make their own decorations e.g. Jam-jars with gypsum white tissue pompoms, fairy lights, paper/material bunting all simple touches that will transform your home and garden into a beautiful party venue.Shop bought items like balloons, banners, centre pieces, flower pots, flowers - luckily all these can be purchased online from Party Planning Shops.

Entertainment & Activities

Do you need a hire an Entertainer or will you organise your own home entertainment?Garden games, bouncy castle, outdoor cinema (bare in mind the weather, you may need a gazebo if the weather play along.)

House Maintenance

Some people go all out and it can be a great excuse to undertake or complete jobs in your home when presented with a deadline. From experience this is recommended to have completed well before your special occasion.  I do remember my husband painting our Kitchen the day before a Christening, not recommended.


With all special occasions, documentation is required, so you will need to pull out your daughters Baptismal Certificate.A candle and white shawl is sometimes required too.

Communion Dress Appointments

We believe that every little girl is unique and magical and deserves a dress as special as she is rather than mass-produced and unsustainable fast fashion.This is where we are happy to help you find a dress with our private one-to-one personal styling appointments.

Our Once in a Lifetime collection offers exquisite First Communion and Flowergirl dresses, designed and handmade in Ireland from the finest fabrics and destined to be passed down as heirlooms through generations of beloved little girls.

Our Once in a Lifetime dresses can be sold by appointment or preordered online. Our appointments have become one of the most magical parts of the Darcybow experience. Held in Ireland’s most luxurious hotels, with one-to-one attention and styling advice, a "Darcy’s Day Out" is a milestone to kick off a season of celebration, a beautiful opportunity to make her feel like royalty, and a treasured memory for everyone who attends.We can advise on accessories that will complement her dress.

Regrettably, we are unable to meet at our venues or studio so we are offering COMPLIMENTARY Zoom Dress Up Styling Appointments every Saturday.  During the consultation we will narrow your selection down and send your favourite dress to you in our NEW Dress-Up-Try-On re-usable box, with a selection of accessories to finish your look.  This service is proving to be a huge hit with our Mum's & Daughters around Ireland.

Hair Appointment

Hopefully, we can back to some grooming.  In the meantime, it's no harm to start saving hair pictures from Pinterest, Instagram or Google search.Keep them on your phone when you visit your Hairdresser, visuals help create your look and style. It's important to book an appointment for the Salon or at home. 

Family Attire

Don't forget to account for other members of your family for this special occasion.It's lovely to have an occasion to wear your "Sunday Best".

Check some ideas for communion outfits for mothers

Virtual Appointments

Should you wish to visit us at our Showroom (Post-Covid) please send us an email to

We are offering COMPLIMENTARY Virtual Styling Dress-Up Appointment, giving us the opportunity to showcase our full collection to you in the comfort of your own home.Sit back and we'll help you decide a suitable Communion dress style for your little lady.

We are happy to assist with any query you might have and feel free to contact us.

Edelle Mellett
Edelle Mellett