Mini Flower Crowns for Easter - Darcybow DIY!

April 02, 2021

We love flower crowns at Darcybow, flower crowns are the perfect headpiece to complement one the dresses from our "Once in a Lifetime" collection.  We loved how playful and carefree Princess Charlotte was and how she rocked her flower crown at Meghan & Harry's Wedding.  We have partnered with the lovely Sam of Prettybowtique, who makes the most beautiful crowns for little girls using flowers, pearls, crystals on silver and gold wire.  They are Irish designed and made, and are so light to wear for Weddings, Communions and Special Occasions. 

A little in awe of her talent we got a little egg-cited about making these miniature versions. So, so easy to make - these simple Mini Flower Crowns will bring a smile to your family's faces on Easter Sunday Morning.  A quick and easy to activity to do with little ones!

What you need:

  • Baby’s Breath/Gypsum
  • Two 6-8″ pieces of wire
  • Scissors
  • Eggs
  • Permanent marker

Snip the Baby's Breath into little bundles with a scissors.

Measure your wire twine to the size of your egg.

Make it circular to fit your egg head.

Keep twisting the wire, the wire is very pliable so it's easy to wrap the ends tight.

Starting adding small sprigs to the wire and twist the lose wire and tighten.

Start wrapping the wire around the Baby's Breath continuously twisting the wire to catch each sprig.

This is where you can get very creative with expressions.  Draw on the eyes, nose & mouth.

Pop into an eggcup and serve up on Easter Sunday and display.

We hope you get a chance to make our super easy Mini Flower Crowns, feel free to share your little creations on instagram using #darcybowdressesflowercrowns

Disclaimer: No eggs where hurt in the making of these mini flower crowns!

Edelle Mellett
Edelle Mellett