About me

“Sentiment and my love for dressing up inspired me to create Darcybow”

I'm Triona,I live in Ireland,I am a Mom of 3 boys and am the designer of all things Darcybow.I am often asked how Darcybow started and the answer is pretty simple, it's my hobby and I just adore dressing children beautifully.

When I started my job travelling the world, my shopping addiction took on a whole new direction when I started sourcing fabrics and designing pieces for myself.Seeing new places around the world has always been my fascination but soon this became my new love.I really appreciated their originality and the quality  and  knew I would wear them  forever.I adored the whole process ,from the original idea right through to holding the creation in my hands .

I never thought this "hobby" would become a business but I wanted other people to experience these beautiful handmade pieces and the artisans who were creating them ,over time, had become my friends .

Soon I was sketching dresses for little girls.Having always been inspired my  times gone by ,I recreated the old idea of having that "good dress",a dress that was not only beautiful but could be worn ,washed and put back on again and again for more adventures .I remembered how ,even as a little girl,I always loved dressing up myself and the whimsical style reminds me of my own childhood.I wanted other little gifts to love receiving these very special unique pieces ,all wrapped up beautifully and  that maybe one day they will pass down to their own children .

My favourite part is seeing a collection come together .

These handmade garments are made in small capsule collections  to ensure every little dress is extra special, creating new memories to last forever .

Girl wearing darcybow dress in garden

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